Below the surface, disease may linger without us knowing of its existence. It takes a trained eye to spot an infected branch, which may disrupt an entire forest. Sometimes it is necessary to cut away a section to improve circulation, in the hopes that the forest may flourish once again. 

As the blackhole draws you closer, there is nothing to do but wait and ponder on a reality where light is but a memory. A slim safety tether remains as a sliver of hope under the dark sky, and the only connection back to the outside world. 

The ones we raised become the ones we lean on in order to meet the coming of age with humour and grace. In turn, we each must face an unknown horizon, whether it is the beginning or the end of our journey.

Swimming through a sea of hostile microbes, can be a daunting unfathomable task. Though being stung remains inevitable, only through perseverance can one escape the ocean depths to break to the surface, free to breath easy again

How is a child expected to battle a beast feared by knights twice his size? Even wearing the thickest of armour, he still must enter the round without training or experience at his aid.